Great Conversation Reading Group

Seventh year’s readings.

1. OLD TESTAMENT [Job, Isaiah, Amos]

2. PLATO: Symposium

3. PLATO: Philebus

4. ARISTOTLE: Ethics [Book VIII-X]

5. ARCHIMEDES: Measurement of a Circle, The Equilibrium of Planes [Book I],
The Sand-Reckoner, On Floating Bodies [Book I]

6. EPICTETUS: Discourses

7. PLOTINUS: First Ennead

8. ST. THOMAS AQUINAS: Summa Theologica [Part I-II, QQ 1-5]

9. DANTE: The Divine Comedy [Paradise]

10. RABELAIS: Gargantual and Pantagruel [Book III-IV]

11. SHAKESPEARE: Julius Caesar, Antony and Cleopatra, Coriolanus

12. GALILEO: Two New Sciences [First Day]

13. SPINOZA: Ethics [Part IV-V]

14. NEWTON: Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy [Book III, Rules],
Optics [Book I, Part I; Book III, Queries]

15. HUYGENS: Treatise on Light

16. KANT: Critique of Practical Reason

17. KANT: Critique of Judgment [Critique of Aesthetic Judgment]

18. MILL: Utilitarianism

19** WEBER – Essays in Sociology [Part III]

20** PROUST – Swann in Love

21** BRECHT – Mother Courage and Her Children

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