Great Conversation Reading Group

Fourth year’s readings.

1. EURIPIDES: Medea, Hippolytus, Trojan Women, The Bacchantes

2. PLATO: Republic [Book VI-VII]

3. PLATO: Theaetetus

4. ARISTOTLE: Physics [Book IV, Ch. 1-5, 10-14]

5. ARISTOTLE: Metaphysics [Book I, Ch. 1-2; Book IV; Book VI, Ch. 1; Book XI, Ch.

6. ST. AUGUSTINE: Confessions [Book IX-XIII]

7. ST. THOMAS AQUINAS: Summa Theologica [Part I, QQ 16-17, 84-88]

8. MONTAIGNE: Apology for Raymond de Sebonde

9. GALILEO: Two New Sciences [Third Day, through Scholium of Theorem II]

10. BACON: Novum Organum [Preface, Book I]

11. DESCARTES: Discourse on the Method

12. NEWTON: Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy [Prefaces,
Definitions, Axioms, General Scholium]

13. LOCKE: An Essay Concerning Human Understanding [Book II]

14. HUME: An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

15. KANT: Critique of Pure Reason [Prefaces, Introduction, Transcendental

16. MELVILLE: Moby Dick

17. DOSTOEVSKY: The Brothers Karamazov [Part III-IV]

18. JAMES: Principles of Psychology [Ch. XV, XX]

19** CALVIN – Institutes of the Christian Religion [Book III]

20** FRAZER – The Golden Bough [Selections]

21** HEISENBERG – Physics and Philosophy [ch 1 – 6]

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