Great Conversation Reading Group

Eighth year’s readings.

1. ARISTOPHANES: Thesmophoriazusae, Ecclesiazusae, Plutus

2. PLATO: Gorgias

3. ARISTOTLE: Ethics [Book V]

4. ARISTOTLE: Rhetoric [Book I, Ch. 1—Book II, Ch. 1; Book II, Ch. 20—Book III,
Ch. 1; Book III, Ch. 13-19]

5. ST. AUGUSTINE: On Christian Doctrine

6. HOBBES: Leviathan [Part II]

7. SHAKESPEARE: Othello, King Lear

8. BACON: Advancement of Learning [Book I, Ch. 1—Book II, Ch. 11]

9. DESCARTES: Meditations on the First Philosophy

10. SPINOZA: Ethics [Part III]

11. LOCKE: A Letter Concerning Toleration

12. ROUSSEAU: A Discourse on Political Economy

13. ADAM SMITH: The Wealth of Nations [Book II]

14. BOSWELL: The Life of Samuel Johnson

15. MARX: Capital [Prefaces, Part I-II]

16. GOETHE: Faust [Part I]

17. JAMES: Principles of Psychology [Ch. VIII-X]

18 * STERNE: Tristam Shandy *

19** BARTH – The Word of God and the Word of Man [I – IV]

20** BERGSON – An Introduction to Metaphysics

21** HARDY – A Mathematicians Apology

22** KAFKA – The Metamorphosis

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